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We at One Care combine the benefits of professional hands and genuine care into one complete nursing care package specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of our elderly clients. Choose One Care...

Who May receive Home Health Care?

An individual may qualify for home health care if he/she:
  • Requires skilled nursing or rehabilitation services that are intermittent or periodic
  • Requires a considerable effort to leave home unassisted and
  • Is under the care of a licensed physician who determines that the individual needs home health care and sets up a plan to meet those needs.

What are the Benefits of Health Care

  • Greater Privacy - You will feel more in control and at ease in the familiar surroundings of your home.
  • Added Convenience - Your Health Care team comes to you and you will be notified of who will arrive at your residence and what time.
  • A Chance to be Near Family and Friends - At home, you can be surrounded by your loved ones.
  • Lower Costs - Often, home health care means real savings over care in hospital or long-term facility.

What are the qualifications for HOME HEALTH CARE

  • Must be Homebound
  • Any new medication or change in medication
  • Patients needing physical therapy or speech therapy
  • Any patient needing teaching on disease, health or diet
  • Patients needing any blood/lab work in home including PTINR readings (lab draws that require frequent medication changes).
  • Any patient that does not have an available caregiver, we will teach
  • Patients who are missing multiple office visits
  • Any service that will require a nurse to assist including wound care.

Does Medicare will secondary insurers?

Yes, Medicare will bill the secondary insurance directly.

Will I get a bill from you if I have private insurance?

If you have private insurance and your insurance company does not pay One Care within 30 days you will get a bill. It is best to check with your insurance company when this happens.

Do I receive a bill if I have Medicare?

One Care bills Medicare. You do not receive a bill. We assumes the assignment and therefore you do not get a bill. You will receive an Explanation of Benefits once the billing has taken place.
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